Kim Heikkinen

Game server provider
Electronic enthusiast
Computer and server specialist

More of me

Of me

My name is Kim Heikkinen. I'm 28 years old and I live in Tampere, Finland


I am currently working as System Specialist at Tietokeskus
My work is to maintain, monitor and develop the cloud infrastructure.

I've been working at Tietokeskus for over half a year now. My past jobs can be seen in my LinkedIn profile.

Projects and hobbies

On my free time I host several different services. Mostly gaming servers and websites. For example this site is running on my multi-site server with Nginx in front and Apache delivering the content. Lately I've been focusing 110% on turning my services even more secure, faster and automated. Also making all them compatible with European GDPR laws.

Game server hosting is an old hobby I started back in 2006. After that date I've been running almost 24/7 game and voice servers with player databases and logging.

Video and audio streaming to internet (Twitch / YouTube / ShoutCast).
Volunteering to build LAN party events (Assembly / Lantrek)
Building, fixing and troubleshooting computers
Repairing electronic appliances and smartphones


- Windows desktops and servers
- Linux CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu servers

Design: HTML5 UP / Thumbnails: Freeimages

Contact Me

Send me email via the link below:

mail (at)